whiteface zipline safety rules

whiteface zipline safety rules

zipliner recommendations

  • Must weigh 45 lbs minimum and be at least 40" tall, 250 lbs maximum to wear the harness. Two riders may go at the same time if both weights are no more than 250 lbs each.
  • Zipliner must fit in the harness to be allowed to zip. Empty your pockets of loose items.
  • Zipliner must not have any health conditions, broken bones, disabilities and/or be pregnant.

before your zip starts

  • After being hooked into the harness, stay in the harness area. Wait until the operator instructs you to go to the zipline platform entrance.
  • Don't run up the zip line platform. Walk slowly up the stairs using two hands on the railing.

during your zip

  • Wait at the top of the zipline platform and follow the operator's instructions.
  • Once you are securely fastened to the zipline cord you may exit the platform.
  • Do not try to turn upside down or spin during your zipline experience.
  • Gently step through the door and off the platform, DO NOT JUMP OR RUN.
  • Have fun and scream!

during your descent

  • Once you reach the end of the zipline, wait for the operator to lower you to the ground.
  • Once your feet reach the ground, please stand and wait to be disconnected from the zipline.
  • Do not remove your harness. Wait for the operator

at the end of your zip

  • After your zip is complete, wait for the operator to unhook you.
  • Once you have been unhooked, and the harness has been removed by an operator, please slowly exit the ride. DO NOT try to remove the harness yourself.

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