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Whiteface Adventure Park
The Cloudsplitter Gondola J.LOHR wine bar and café and all Whiteface Adventure Park Activities including 4x4 Alpine expeditions, Adventure Zone, Guided hikes and more are open this weekend June 16th & 17th and next weekend June 23rd & 24th then daily 6/29
June 4-15
Please NOTE!!! The Cloudspliter gondola and J.LOHR wine bar & Cafe are closed this weekend June 9th & 10th, 4x4 alpine expeditions are available by reservation only, please visit www.whiteface.com or call 518.946.2223.
our summer season is here
and we cannot wait for you to join us...
Sunday April 29, 2018
Ski Day 154
Saturday April 28, 2018
Ski Day 153
April 22, 2018 update
Ski day 152
Sunday April 22, 2018
Ski Day 152
Saturday April 21, 2018
Ski Day 151
Friday April 20, 2018
Ski Day 150. We're Back!
April 15, 2018 Afternoon
Whiteface End of Season Schedule