Every summer, figure skating legend Evelyn Kramer returns to Lake Placid, NY to coach in Lake Placid's elite summer skating program. Her history with the Olympic village dates back to her days as a young girl, training under renowned coach Gustav Lussi, whose approach inspires Evelyn's coaching technique today.

She's worked with Michelle Kwan, transforming her spinning abilities, Robin Cousins and Peggy Flemming to name a few, coached the cast for the film "The Cutting Edge" and delivers skating seminars internationally. USA Today columnist, Christine Brennan, designated Evelyn as the "Spin Doctor" and the title is now trademarked.

Even with numerous accolades, Evelyn's fondest memories, both on and off the ice, are her days in Lake Placid.


The Spin Doctor ™: Evelyn Kramer


Evelyn Kramer coaching at the Summer Skating Program in Lake Placid, Summer 2016
Evelyn as young girl performing a flying sit spin on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid
Evelyn with fellow skaters Carol Wanek, Maude Hammer, Hannah Gadaleshi, Ronnie Robertson, Coach Gus Lussi, his wife Thelma and other students and guests at the Asbury Park Alhmon Hotel, 1950
Evelyn (second to the left) poses with Ronnie Robertson and Otto and Maria Jelinek, 1950
Evelyn with Tab Hunter, Rikki Rendich, Coach Gus Lussi, Ronnie Roberston, Maude Hammer, Muriel Reich and Blitz listening to music in the Lussi's living room at Little Alpes, 1956
Lake Placid Summer Ballet Saturday Night Ice Show. Coach Gus Lussi started the tradition in 1932
Signed photo by Evelyn's coach, Gus Lussi. He often signed his name with a stick figure doing a sit spin, one of his trademark techniques
Evelyn's coach, Gus Lussi skating, 1935
Evelyn coaching at the Lake Placid Summer Skating Program, Summer 2016
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