From National Championships to World Cup competitions, photographer John DiGiacomo captures the laughs, hugs, hard work, triumphs, focus, challenges, preparations, training, sweat, support and smiles of Team USA Luge:

Emily Sweeney
Fans in the stands
Erin Hamlin
Grace Weinberg
Grace Weinberg, Raychel Germaine, Sophie Kirkby and Summer Britcher on truck
Raychel Germaine with luge sled
Jayson Terdiman stretching
Luger on the track
Aidan Kelly and Summer Britcher taking a picture
Erin Hamlin
Sophie Kirkby thinking before race
Tucker West, Summer Britcher, Matt Mortensen and Jayson Terdiman with medals
Worker on track
Chris Mazdzer and Tucker West on the podium
Erin Hamlin warming up
Summer Britcher
Emily Sweeney
Event volunteer
Fans with flowers
Erin Hamlin hugging teammates
Aidan Kelly with luge sled
Riley Stohr with sled
Erin Hamlin on track
Prepping luge sleds
Summer Britcher interviewing
Tucker West's parents
Chris Mazdzer during the team relay
Matt Mortensen and Jayson Terdiman sliding
Tucker West sliding
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