Uphill Skiing

Passes and Guidelines

whiteface uphill guidelines & policy

2019/20 uphill pass application now available

Skip the lift and get your lungs burning. We offer 3 uphill routes that are easily accessible. Whiteface Mountain recognizes that winter uphill traffic has become a part of the enjoyment of the mountain. Uphill traffic users must understand that any trail they climb and descend has not been inspected for hazards by the ski patrol and natural and man-made obstacles may not be marked. Anyone who wishes to access Whiteface via uphill travel during non-operating hours MUST have a Whiteface Uphill Pass. Uphill skiers with a valid Whiteface Season Pass may obtain one at no charge by submitting an Uphill Pass Application at the Whiteface Season Pass Office.

Find more information about uphill rules, safety information and current uphill trail status online, and always be sure to check the weather and conditions reports before ascending go to ski patrol.

Uphill Pass Application

Uphill Users Shall Abide by the Following Guidelines

  • Uphill climbing is not permitted during daytime lift operation.
  • All users must have an uphill season pass. Pass must be purchased before ascending (NO exceptions).
  • All users will check in at Medical Services Area (MSA) before ascending every morning.
  • An Uphill pass can be purchased for $30.00 and is valid from opening day to close of the lift serviced ski season. Season Pass holders must also hold this pass; it is included with purchase of the lift access season pass. The uphill pass does not provide lift access.
  • Users are required to wear reflective clothing and a light that is visible from any direction.
  • The pass should be visible and available upon request by any mountain employee while climbing or skiing. Uphill climbing without a pass may result in being banned from the property.
  • Users should be vigilant for snow cats, winch cat cables, snowmobiles, ATVs, trucks, other skiers, riders and other exposures typical of an operating ski area.
  • If you see a winch cable on a trail, you cannot cross this cable and must turn around immediately and use another route.
  • If you are asked by staff to leave the area you must comply immediately.
  • Users shall adhere to all closures, warning signs, ropes and Whiteface Employees at all times as well as all rules and regulations set forth in the skier's responsibility code and Safety In Skiing Code Rule 54 of the NYS Industrial Code Rules.
  • Users shall not enter any buildings. No pets are permitted at any time. Users shall descend using skis or snowboards only. No sleds are permitted.
  • Users will start no earlier than 6:00 am. There is NO climbing between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:00 am the next day.
  • Users shall only park in the River Lot unless eligible to park in designated handicap parking.
  • Whiteface Mountain Ski Center has administrative use of the ski area land. Whiteface reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time.

users will ascend on

  • Climber's left up Boreen
  • Easy Street climber's left to Summit Express climber's left to Excelsior climber's left to Turn 3, 2, 1 of Excelsior climber's right
  • Climber's left of Paron's Run

users will descend on

  • Paron's Run skier's left
  • Excelsior skier's right to Connector; skier's left below Connector
  • Summit Express to skier's left
  • Easy Street skier's left
  • Boreen skier's left