Uphill Skiing

Passes and Guidelines

whiteface uphill program

ORDA Suspends Operations of Ski Resorts & Lake Placid Olympic Venues

including all Uphill travel

*Please note: Uphill travel is CLOSED at Whiteface for the season.

Uphill Route Map

  1. We ask that all participants sign in each day at Ski Patrol and present your 2019/20 Uphill Season Pass at this time. There are no exceptions to this, and it is a requirement that will be strictly enforced.
  2. All participants need to follow the guidelines of the program and the prescribed daily route. Those who are not using the prescribed daily route risk having their pass revoked.

how to get an uphill pass

Anyone who wishes to access Whiteface via uphill travel during non-operating hours MUST have a Whiteface Uphill Pass. Uphill skiers with a valid Whiteface Season Pass may obtain one at no charge by submitting an Uphill Pass Application to the Whiteface Season Pass Office. Guests who do not have a valid Whiteface Season Pass may purchase a 2019/20 Uphill Season Pass for $30.00. 

Uphill Pass Application

uphill guidelines

for the 2019/20 season

Whiteface uphill skiers and riders must agree and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • I understand that Whiteface is only open for uphill skiing from 6:00 am to 8:30 am and that uphill skiing (climbing) is not permitted during the hours the lifts are open and operating.
  • Upon arrival at Whiteface, I will check at the Medical Services area (Ski Patrol) before ascending and receive a pass for uphill travel.
  • During the hours of the uphill program, I will not enter any buildings other than the Medical Services Area and associated restrooms.
  • At check-in, I will confirm the designated route for that day. I understand that only the designated route is open for uphill climbing and downhill skiing and that all other trails are closed to uphill and downhill travel and may not be used.
  • I will follow the instructions and directions of all ORDA/Whiteface employees and will adhere to the daily uphill skiing instructions, as well as all rules and regulations set forth in the New York State Safety in Skiing code (Article 18 of the General Obligations Law; Article 26 of the Labor Law and Part 54 of the NYS Industrial Code at 12 NYCRR).
  • I understand that I must possess a current and valid uphill season pass must be purchased before ascending. I understand that downhill Season Pass holders must also possess this pass, the option for which is included with the purchase of a lift access Season Pass. I further understand that the possession of just an uphill season pass does not entitle me to lift access.
  • I understand that I must wear reflective clothing and a light that is visible from any direction.
  • I understand that I may use skis or a snowboard only, and that foot traffic, sleds or other "snow toys" are prohibited.
  • I understand that uphill skiers (climbers) will yield to downhill skiers and that downhill skiers will be in control at all times and avoid uphill skiers (climbers).
  • I understand that pets and all other animals are prohibited at all times.
  • I am aware that snowmaking may be in progress while I am skiing, and that grooming tractors and snowmobiles are actively traveling throughout the ski area on the mountain.
  • I understand that I must be aware of and avoid snowcats, winch cat cables, groomers, snowmobiles, snowmaking operations, administrative ATVs or trucks, other skiers and riders, and all other similar potential hazards that are common in the operation of a ski area.
  • I understand that I may not cross a winch cable on a trail and that if I come across one while skiing I must immediately stop my ascent, turn around and descend to base lodge using the designated return route.
  • If I am directed by an ORDA/Whiteface employee to leave an area I will do so immediately.
  • I understand and acknowledge that ORDA has the right to close Whiteface to uphill skiing without advance notice.
  • I understand that ORDA may modify or terminate the uphill ski program at any time.