Olympic Jumping Complex

olympic jumping complex

TOURS not available from april - november 2019 —CONTINUING THE OLYMPIC LEGACY

As you visit the Olympic Sites this summer you may notice a lot of busy workers and areas closed off to our guests, but rest assured, these inconveniences will be worth it. We are modernizing facilities and adding new activities that will rival our winter bounty of thrills and excitement. Visitors may view the ski jumps from the Intervales Lodge at no charge.


Opening Fall 2019

The newly renovated glass-enclosed elevator will offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Adirondack High Peaks and will also deliver guests to the new zipline launch deck.


New frost rail system for both the 90M and 120M ski jumps. Frost rails are designed to maintain a consistent and reliable jumping surface no matter the weather.


Underground infrastructure is being installed and a new design for the landing hills. By regrading the landing hills, the venue will not require as much costly "snow work" as less snow will be required for the desired profile.


Alongside the 90M Ski Jump Tower & Landing Hill The zipline park is designed for all levels of adventurers with the thrill similar to what an Olympic Ski Jumper experiences. The most extreme of the 4 courses is expected to reach speeds of 60mph, with a 30-degree decline.

State of the Art GONDOLA

The current chairlift system is being removed, making way for a new state-of-the-art gondola. Once completed, the ADA compliant gondola will carry athletes, coaches, officials, equipment and visitors from the base lodge to the 90M and 120M ski jump towers.


Freestyle athletes launch themselves up to 40 ft in the air off "kickers" (jumps made from snow) before landing on the steep hill in front of you. Check out the summer training pool for a sense of the high flying acrobatics and visit in the winter to see athletes train and compete.


Like many winter sports, the bulk of a freestyle athletes training happens in the summer. Athletes use the pool to perfect their tricks before transferring them to snow in the winter. An athlete may perform 20 repetitions or more in the pool allowing them to practice difficult skills in a more forgiving environment than the winter site. Lake Placid built the first freestyle training pool in the world in the late 1980's. As the sport has evolved, so has the training site. The next iteration of the pool will including kickers or jumps with hydraulic tops so athletes can adjust the size, and a new cushioning system to make the landing softer for the athletes.

Visitors may view the ski jumps from the Intervales Lodge at no charge. This activity and many others are FREE with your Olympic Sites Passport!

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Olympic Jumping Complex Tours will not be available from April - November 2019 due to our exciting projects at the venue this summer! Visitors may view the ski jumps from the Intervales Lodge at no charge. Free admission with your Olympic Sites Passport!

As the snow piles up so does the fun! Each winter the Olympic Jumping Complex plays host to an abundance of winter activities and events. We have everything from Ski Jumping showcases and World Cup Freestyle to Snow Tubing for the whole family.

Chairlift and Elevator to the Skydeck

Open December 26 - January 1  |  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Non-Event Days Adult: $11
Non-Event Days Junior/Senior: $8
Event Days Adult: $16
Event Days Junior/Senior: $10
Olympic Jumping Complex Tours
Olympic Jumping Complex Tour
Olympic Jumping Complex
Get an up-close and personal tour of the ski jumps, training areas and panoramic views of the High Peaks from the top of the 120-meter tower.