Rhythmic Gymnastics Open Championships

Rhythmic gymnastics Open Championships

Junior Olympic Event  |  May 24-28, 2018

The 2018 Rhythmic Open Championships, hosted by USA Gymnastics, is the premier rhythmic gymnastics event for Junior Olympic Level 5-6 athletes and Junior Olympic Groups.
The sport of rhythmic gymnastics is characterized by grace, beauty and elegance. Routines are choreographed to music and include body elements and dance, combined with the handling of small apparatus including a rope, hoop, ball, clubs, or ribbon. The choreography contains a mix of jumps, leaps, and rotations of the body along with intricate handling and dynamic throws of the apparatus.

Each movement in rhythmic gymnastics involves a high degree of athletic skill. Gymnasts may compete alone or in a group of 2-6 athletes. The group competition is especially exciting to watch with dynamic and fast-paced routines, showcasing impressive apparatus work and complex collaboration between the athletes.

Event tickets are available for purchase at the door. 

General Information
Single Day | Adult: $8
Single Day | Junior / Senior: $5
All Event | Adult: $24
All Event | Junior / Senior: $15
Adults: 13-64 | Juniors: 7-12 | Seniors: 65+ | Ages 6 & Under will receive FREE Admission
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