Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp

Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp

March 25-29, 2018  |  Lake Placid Olympic Center

Maybe you were there. Maybe you watched it on TV. Maybe your parents told you about it. Or maybe you saw the Disney movie "Miracle." You have heard that it was more than a hockey game. And it was. It was voted the greatest sports achievement of the 20th Century. It was a Miracle... 

Join players from the gold medal winning 1980 USA Hockey Team and participate in the fourth annual Miracle On Ice Fantasy Camp in wondrous and magnificent Lake Placid, host city of those historic 1980 Winter Games. Connect with the greatest sports moment of all time. Enjoy the competition. Meet and get to know players from that greatest of all teams in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is Lake Placid. Skate in the 1980 Rink - Herb Brooks Arena at the Lake Placid Olympic Center where we beat the Russians and shocked the sports and political world.

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Home of the "Miracle on Ice" and Eric Heiden's five Olympic Gold Medals in 1980, and Sonja Henie's Olympic Gold Medal in 1932.