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Lake Placid Nordic Festival

March 14, 2020

Lake Placid Loppet

50km & 25km races

The Lake Placid Loppet is one of the best events of its kind in the country. Over the past 30 years, thousands of skiers have enjoyed skiing and racing on the challenging Mt. Van Hoevenberg trails at the Olympic Sports Complex. The Loppet and Kort-Loppet run on a slightly modified version of the 50km course constructed for the 1980 Winter Olympics, making it one of the most challenging citizen races in the world. This is a perfect race for recreational to expert skiers who are looking for a unique and challenging race. The Lake Placid Loppet is also proud to be a qualifier for the American Birkebeiner and a member of the NENSA Marathon Series. Included with your Loppet entry fee is the Celebration BBQ and medal on Saturday afternoon immediately following the races at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. This year's theme for the event will be "Beach Party" and we will hope for great snow conditions with some spring-time sunshine!

Race Details

Race start and finish is in the Cross Country Stadium. Warming areas, wax rooms, restrooms and post-race refreshments will be available in the Cross Country Lodge. Nordic ski patrol will be on the course at all feeding stations and additional locations. Please report injured skiers at the next feed station or to the first race official encountered. There is a complete first aid room at the Cross Country Lodge. Feeding stations are located every 5km, providing beverages and high energy foods. We look forward to seeing you at this wonderful and historic race!

Course description

 CROSS COUNTRY SIDE - Follow Ladies 5 to Main Street (jct #21), take left on East Hill Express. Take left down East Hill. Take right to the Loppet Cutover. Turn right onto East Mt. (yellow). Turn left at jct #36 onto Porter Mt. (white). Bypass Peggy's Puddle.
Ski Cascade Loop, 5km feed station will be on left by route 73. Bypass Horseshoe Loop. Bypass Big Rock Loop. Bypass Horseshoe Loop again. 10 km feed station will be on your right after long, straight downhill. Left onto East Mt. and climb Harry's Hill.
At top of Harry's Hill stay right to avoid the "Russian Complaint". At jct #29 (mapboard) turn right to continue on East Mt. At intersection JUST BEFORE East Mt. trail takes a hard left (beginning of Skate Start), take two consecutive lefts to complete a 180 degree turn. Ski Innerloopen BACKWARDS. In the Mini-Stadium turn left and merge onto Ladies 5k inbound to stadium. 13 km feed station in stadium. At west end of stadium (by American flag) take right onto FLATLANDER (BACKWARDS).
Enter Campground trail and pass Josie's cabin (on your right). Take left shortcut to Spruce (zig-zag). Go over bridge with flags.
Take left upon entering biathlon field and onto Deer Run. Pass by double tubes (on your left) and head down Brookside. At jct #2 stay left over bridge to follow Three Trails. Just after jct #5 trail diverges-follow Perimeter Left. Follow Perimeter to jct #11.
At jct #11 ski against traffic on Northbrook to jct #10 and 18 km feed station (picnic table). At #10 ski against traffic on Three Trails. When Three Trails turns 90 degrees left continue straight on Deer Run (backwards). At the next intersection turn left onto Beech Hill. At jct #9 turn left to stay on Beech Hill. At jct #7 stay straight and follow Three Trails around the Dog Bone. At the next 4 way intersection turn right and join Three Trails.
Take sharp left at the infamous "blue bag" to remain on 3 Trails Cut-Off. After crossing bridge, rejoin Brookside by taking left.
- Follow Brookside to large, open 3-way intersection (end of 3 Trails). Continue STRAIGHT and pass to left of biathlon finish bridge. Ski past biathlon range, thru field and right onto Wabbit Way. Take right onto Perimeter.
Ski to end of perimeter (through outer tube). Take left onto Flatlander extension (backwards). Take right and a quick left onto Flatlander plus. Merge onto Flatlander (2-way section for 200 meters). Take left onto Bobcat. 25k: ski behind timing building to finish.
50k: take left onto yellow snowshoe trail to lap (pass 25 km feed station at end of stadium).

Loppet Map

50km Loppet 2 x 25km loop
25km Kort-Loppet 1 x 25km loop
Height Difference 179m
Maximum Climb 71m
Total Climb for Kort-Loppet 623m
Total Climb for Loppet 1246m


Distance Style Start Time
50km Classic Technique Loppet 9:00 am
25km Classic Technique Kort Loppet 9:00 am
50km Free Technique Loppet 10:30 am
25km Free Technique Kort Loppet 10:30 am


Registration dates Cost 2019-2020 Mt. Van Hoevenberg Season Pass Holder High School / College Student
by March 7, 2020 $60 $55 $55
March 8 -  March 13 (in person) $75 $70 $70

Price of registration includes the Celebration BBQ and medal. Entry fees will not be refunded if the racer must withdraw for any reason.
Entries are not transferable and race officials will disqualify any racer using another entrant's bib.

***No registration available on race day.***

Registration Changes

***Online registration for all Loppet races closes on Wednesday, March 11. The only way to register after Wednesday is in person on Friday, March 13 at Mt. Van Hoevenberg from 4:00 - 7:00 pm during the scheduled bib pick-up time.***

  • Entrants have until the Tuesday before race day to change their race distance or technique without penalty.
  • NO changes will be accepted on race day.
  • Once entry is received, competitors have until 11:59 pm on March 11 to change race distance. There will be absolutely no changes to race distance on race day. Please log into your Ski Reg account to directly make a race distance change.

Bib Pickup & In Person Registration

Bib Pickup and In Person Registration will take place from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Friday, March 13 at the Cross Country Lodge at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. There will be no registration on race day, however you can pick up your bib from 7:00 to 8:00 am Saturday, March 14 at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Entrants will receive a race packet containing their numbered bib with chip timing and final race instructions.

In Person Registration/Bib Pick-up Friday, Mar. 13 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm Mt. Van Hoevenberg
Bib Pickup Only Saturday, Mar. 14 from 7:00 - 8:00 am Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Weather Conditions & Event Postponement

In the event there is insufficient snow cover, the race organizers will decide on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 whether to hold the event as scheduled. It is the responsibility of the participant to check on the status of the race. Race conditions and changes will be posted on this page and will be available by calling the Cross Country Lodge at (518) 523-2811. No refunds or credits will be made to competitors unable to compete on the alternate date. Extreme cold or other hazardous weather conditions on race day may cause race organizers to modify or shorten the course to ensure the safety of all competitors.

Citizens Challenge Races

Saturday, March 14  |  3km, 6km, & 12km races  |  6KM & 12KM Races begin at 1:00 pm, 3km begin at 1:15 pm

The 3km, 6km and 12km races are designed for those who are new to racing or experienced skiers looking for a community event that is fun. With either the 3km course—slightly challenging, but relatively flat—or the 6km—which includes a couple of short but strenuous uphills—you will be rewarded with camaraderie, pristine conditions and all of the fun parts of a large race. Any technique is welcome in this mass start event that is perfect for friends, couples or families who are looking for a healthy tradition. Surrounded by the Lake Placid Nordic Fest and winding on the Olympic Trails of Mt. Van Hoevenberg, this will be a great experience for all participants. There will also be complimentary post-race food. 

Race Details

All courses leave the XC stadium and follow the Loppet course for 1 km from the start line, but then veer left away from the Loppet, staying on the flatter terrain surrounding Josie's Cabin. At the Bailey Bridge (bridge with flags), the 3km course will continue on the flats and finish into the stadium on the Flatlander Trail. The 6/12km course will cross over the bridge (2 km) and make it's way onto Perimeter (skied backwards). After a left onto Wabbit's Way, skiers will descend into "The Hole," and basically do the 2 km biathlon course, which involves 2 ups and downs that require intermediate ability. This includes briefly joining the main course of the Loppet, with a stop at a remote feed station, complete with a warming fire and kids cheering with cowbells. After another kilometer of flat terrain, the course merges with the Loppet course into the double tubes, and climbs an easy grade to the stadium. This loop is done once for the 6km and twice for the 12km.

There will be one mass start for each of the techniques, and an additional feeding station within the stadium. The 12km & 6km races will both begin at 1:00 pm, with the 3km race starting at 1:15 pm.

Registration dates Cost 2019 - 2020 Mt. Van Hoevenberg Season Pass Holder High School / College Student
Online by by March 11, 2020 $30 $25 $25
In person March 13 $30 $25 $25

Entry fees will not be refunded if the racer must withdraw for any reason.
Entries are not transferable and race officials will disqualify any racer using another entrant's bib.

***Race Day Registration available from 7:00 - 11:00 am for Citizen's Challenge Races.***

Registration and bib pick-up will be Friday, March 13 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm at the Cross Country Lodge at Mt. Van Hoevenberg and Saturday, March 14 from 7:00 - 11:00 am at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. 

General Information
Saturday, Mar. 14, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Loppet Registration Fee: $60 (by March 7) $75 (March 8-March 13)
Loppet Registration Fee for 19/20 Mt. Van Hoevenberg Season Passholders: $55 (by March 7) $70 (March 8-March 13)
Loppet Registration Fee for High School & College Students: $55 (by March 7) $70 (March 8-March 13)
Citizen Race (3K, 6.25K & 12.5K) Registration Fee: $30
Citizen Race (3K, 6.25K & 12.5K) Registration Fee for 19/20 Mt. Van Hoevenberg Season Passholders: $25
Citizen Race (3K, 6.25K & 12.5K) Registration Fee for High School & College Students: $25
***Online Registration for all races CLOSES on Wednesday, March 11. The only way to register after Mar. 11 is in person on Friday, Mar. 13 at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Entry fees will not be refunded if the racer must withdraw for any reason.
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March 14, 2020