What do I do to unwind? Pretty much anything outside, but I really enjoy fly fishing! My wife and I also just finished building a house and I got really into "green building" practices.


I started racing when I was 5 years old and was about 15 when I started more intense, ski oriented year-round training. At some point, I think every athlete gets to this point where you feel like you've pushed yourself to the limits. If you don't, then you're not training hard enough! On these days I am motivated by my goals and knowing that someone else is out there training who I will have to compete against.


As far as family goes, my parents were quite involved in my early introduction to the sport. They spent a lot of time driving me around to different races, and they are still a big part of my support. As a team, we spend about six months of the year on the road together, so like it or not, everyone becomes sort of like an extended family! I'm lucky to now also have extended family in Europe and to have the ability for my wife to travel with me a lot.


I first tried biathlon around 12 and never really looked back. It was an obvious choice for me, and growing up in Lake Placid, you know that actually becoming an Olympian is a possibility from a young age. For different reasons, I have never had an Olympic Games where I feel I have shown my true potential. I have been one of the best guys in the World for 11 years on the World Cup circuit, and I want to show that at the Olympics as well. Last year was quite challenging for me being sick with Mono, and I hope to show everyone how I overcame that this season!

tim's story

In December 2009, Tim Burke, a three-time Olympian, became the first-ever American to wear biathlon's yellow bib, marking him as the top ranked biathlete in the world.

Over the past 11-plus years, Tim has been one of the sport's top athletes. He has notched several World Cup podium finishes and at the 2013 world championships, he won a silver medal in the 20km individual competition, becoming the second U.S. man ever to win a world championship medal. However, that success has not carried over to the Olympic Winter Games. February's Games in South Korea will most likely be his last and Tim hopes to become the first American to win an Olympic medal in the sport of biathlon.

Tim started skiing and competing when he was five years-old. He tried biathlon when he was 12 and never looked back.

When Tim is not traveling around the world training and competing, he enjoys spending time with his wife Andrea (Henkel), who was a four-time Olympic medalist in biathlon for Germany, and fly-fishing. He and Andrea also completed building a home in Lake Placid.

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