I love the views in the Olympic region. In every season there is something beautiful, peaceful and serene about the Adirondacks. If I wasn't training in the winter, I'd be snowboarding at Whiteface. I also started learning to play acoustic guitar 2 years ago. It has a special connection for me to my mom, who passed away when I was very young, and I still carry her guitar pick. Otherwise, I love traveling, cooking and photography. I have also been learning to speak German over the past 5 years since meeting my husband (German Bobsledder: Christian Poser).



I began intense year-round training for bobsled in 2007 and have been training that way for the past 10 years. Often you realize you are stronger than you believed you were. There are days that can be difficult, but motivation has never been a problem for me- I have a very specific goal that I am working towards. On hard days, listening to music or having teammates and coaches around to help push me gives the extra boost I need!


My family is a huge support system along with my teammates and coaches - my extended family, all of whom support me through wins and challenges. The toughest moment in my career was when I tore my ACL at team camp in 2011 as my first season as a driver. Quitting isn't an option, and I would love to win at the Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea this year, that would be the icing on the cake!


The first time I rode in a bobsled, I felt like I had been put in a tin can and kicked off of a cliff. I honestly thought I would never go back. While in school a fellow athlete took me for my first ride down the track, and she asked me if I would compete in two races with her to give it a second chance. I loved being able to compete again. I did not make the Olympic team that year as a brakeman, and I decided that a change I needed to make was to switch to a driver. I had to take control of my destiny to make the Olympic team.

Jamie's Story

In February, Jamie Greubel Poser will try to become the first American woman to claim an Olympic gold medal in women's bobsledding. Just four years ago, she drove to a bronze medal finish in Sochi. Jamie first tried bobsledding in 2007 and after her first run down the track, she thought that she would never go back, but teammate Phoebe Burns convinced her to give it another try. Since that time, the former Cornell University heptathlon and pentathlon athlete has become one of the country's most decorated bobsled athletes.

Jamie began her sliding career as a brakewoman, before moving to the front of the sled where she has not only driven to not only an Olympic bronze medal but also a World Championship bronze medal and several World Cup podium finishes. Away from the track, she enjoys playing acoustic guitar, traveling, cooking and photography. She also learned to speak German. Her husband, Christian, is a member of the German bobsled team.

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