I love to hike, fly fish and spend time on Lake Placid lake. I try to incorporate as much as I can from the region into my training, for instance, I love mountain and road biking so I use those as a significant part of my training program here in Lake Placid during the off season. 


I started competitive USSA skiing when I was 14 years old. I feel like there is always a way to push your personal limits. There are days that I'm tired and don't feel like training or have no motivation, but I think it comes down to discipline and making a decision to get the most out of every day. motivation comes and goes but discipline is something that can be increased and strengthened. 


I've always had a great support system starting with my parents and also my wife, Denja. It's definitely tough being away from Denja and our daughter Adalina but it's one of those things that you just need to deal with. I try to get home as much as possible during the winter and I feel pretty good about it as long as I get back for a few days every couple of weeks. My inspiration and drive keep me going, I think that trying to make myself better is my greatest inspiration.  


I think alpine skiing chose me by virtue of what my family interest was and from my natural ability to it. I have always loved skiing and it's fun to channel that into a more structured outlet ie. gate training and racing. I was about 20 years old when I really felt like I could compete at a higher level and that the Olympics was a strong possibility. The biggest thing that I've been close to but haven't done yet is win a World Cup. I would also love to win a discipline title and the elusive Olympic Gold medal.  

Andrew's story

Andrew is just one of five American skiers to have won multiple Olympic alpine skiing medals. Others on that list include Bode Miller, Ted Ligety, Tommy Moe and Phil Mahre. In 2010, he raced to a bronze medal in the men's Super-G alpine event and four years after that he won silver in the same event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Andrew, who is nicknamed the "Warhorse," learned to ski when he was just five years old on Whiteface Mountain. His race training began five years later and he would go on to make the U.S. Development Team with the 2003 season and be named to the C Team for 2005.

Now in his early-30's Andrew tries to balance his time, training and competing on the alpine World Cup circuit, with his family, wife Denja and daughter Adalina. He also enjoys fishing, golf, mountain and road biking.

You can find Andrew's medals on display at the family-owned Mirror Lake Inn.

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