Freaky Fridays

Freaky Fridays

In the 1932 Jack Shea Arena

Sometimes you need to cut loose and have fun! On Freaky Fridays in the historic 1932 Jack Shea Arena, skaters abandon their regular routines in favor of creativity, humor and amusement. You're not going see these athletes—some of whom will likely go on to Olympic careers—do this on TV, or anyplace else for that matter. They're more concerned with providing a laugh than perfecting a lutz, making this event perfect for the whole family. The skaters' routines are judged on entertainment value, and the skater with the best scores wins!

Presented by Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.


Freaky Fridays are no longer available for the Summer/Fall 2018 Season. Stay tuned here for more information on the schedule for the upcoming Summer 2019 Season!

Freaky Fridays
No longer available for Summer/Fall 2018
Times and dates are subject to change.
All Ages: FREE
Home of the "Miracle on Ice" and Eric Heiden's five Olympic Gold Medals in 1980, and Sonja Henie's Olympic Gold Medal in 1932.