Join me as I prepare for the 2016/17 Bobsled World Cup competition in Lake Placid, NY...

Jamie Greubel Poser and Aja Evans 2016/17 Bobsled World Cup Training Run in Lake Placid, NY

During training, one sled goes down the track at a time. When it is our turn, we position the sled on the ice, wait to hear our names announced, give us a green light and a "doo-woop" so we know the track is safe and clear, and then we are off! We push the sled for about 50 meters, hop in, and then I drive down the track. After the finish line the brakeman sits up and pulls the brakes to stop. We then move the bobsled off the track to a truck, which drives up back up to the start so we can slide again.

Lifting for World Cup training

After sliding, we have strength and conditioning training, which includes lifting weights and sprints. This builds our strength and speed to push the sled.

Visit the gallery below to read on about Jamie's pre-race routine:

Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex entrance sign
USABS National Team Garage
Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans with bobsled
Bobsleds in truck
Jamie Greubel doing a track walk
Overview of race preparations
Jamie Greubel Poser and Aja Evans
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