Whiteface Snowsports School

Behind every gold medal winner is a great coach. Think of our experienced ski instructors as your coach—there to help you be the skier or rider you want to be. With Whiteface as your classroom—and playground—we'll work with you to build skills that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Ski Lessons Last a Lifetime

Take a lesson at Whiteface and you'll come away with more than just a few pointers. You'll have a lasting confidence, know-how and affection for the sport that will lead you to the top of the mountain again and again. Our instructors do this because they love to ski and ride. They'll share tips on technique, but they'll also share their love of this sport and this mountain. In essence, that's what great coaches do—they inspire. At the end of a day, not only will you ski better, you'll love it better.

For every need, for all abilities, for every age, our Snowsports School and Kids Kampus are available to you. Skiers can start with our Parallel from the Start program. Boarders can benefit from the Burton Learn to Ride Program.

Whether you're just learning or trying to hone your skills, we'll put you in position to reap all the fun and excitement this sport has to offer.