Whiteface Slides

True Double Black Diamond Skiing!

For those of you with the skills and judgment to match, welcome to the Slides.  A series of steep, narrow chutes, the Slides are open only when Ski Patrol deems them safe. This is expert-only terrain—35 acres of in-bounds, off-piste, double black-diamond wilderness skiing accessible by hiking from the top of the Summit Quad.  Once you get there, you'll be a few hundred feet above Vermont's tallest mountain and three times as high as the top of the Empire State Building. There's no snowmaking on the Slides, so below you will be nothing but nature's finest offerings. But don't let it get to your head. Skiing the Slides demands skill and concentration. In one area, for example, there's a frozen waterfall beneath all that snow. Give the Slides the respect they deserve, and they'll give you the ride of your life.  (Conditions Report)

Access to the Whiteface Slides

  • Bronze Slides closed due to avalanche danger or lack of snow cover
  • Silver Slides open but based on conditions; Ski Patrol will require avalanche precautions such as a beacon, shovel and probe
  • Gold Slides open with the stipulation that guests be groups of two or more at Ski Patrol's discretion

The Slides are accessible only by a narrow path located adjacent to the top of the Summit Quad which may only be traveled at the discretion of Ski Patrol.