Ski Patrol

at Whiteface Mountain

Ski Patrol & First Aid Stations

The main Medical Services Area (MSA) is located in the Main Level of the Base Lodge. Ski Patrol stations are located at the tops of Little Whiteface, Summit Chair, Lookout chair, Mountain Run Slalom Finish Building and at Bear Den Lodge during holiday periods.

How to Report an Accident

Any Mountain Employee can help you.

Stop at the Top or bottom of any lift. The Lift Personal can help you.

In addition to Ski Patrol you'll notice our Host Patrol, in Orange Jackets. If you are hurt or know of someone else who is, turn to these guys for help.

Call 518-946-8111 or 811 from any Mountain Phone. (PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911.)


Emergency Notifications

Emergency notices are posted at the base of lifts. Announcements will also be made over the public-address system. Always arrange a meeting place and time with the members of your group in case someone becomes separated.

Risk-Awareness Sessions

It is your responsibility to "Know the Code." Risk-awareness sessions, where a safety person discusses the day's conditions and hazards, are conducted by request. Stop at the Guest service Desk to be updated on the days conditions.

Mountain Operational Times

Whiteface is open for skiing and riding from 8:30am to 4:30pm. There is no medical services or ski patrol activity beyond these times. People using Whiteface Mt. outside of operational times are responsible for their own safety and rescue.

Approved Recreational Devices

  • Only skis and snowboards with metal edges and retention devices are allowed on Whiteface Mt. ski trails.
  • Sleds, Inner Tubes, snowmobiles and lunch trays are not allowed on Whiteface Mt. Ski trails both during Operational and Non-Operational Hours.
  • No Uphill Travel is permitted on Whiteface Mt. Ski trails while the Ski center is open for operation. (See Uphill Travel Policy)
  • Whiteface Forbids the use of Drones on and over its property unless written permission from Management is given.

NYS General Obligations Law Article 18 states "All persons using a ski trail or slope at a New York State ski area are considered to be skiers".


  1. To promote safety in skiing and riding by maintaining a reasonable amount of control over the conduct and behavior of skiers and riders on the mountain.
  2. To comply with all aspects of N.Y.S. General Obligations Law Article 18 Safety in Skiing Code.


  1. The skier / rider who is skiing / riding in a manner that is beyond their ability to control their actions.
  2. Any person involved in activities that may result in personal injury to themselves or to others.
  3. Any person who fails to abide by the New York State Safety in Skiing Code (found at General Obligations Law Article 18) particularly that section entitled "Duties of Skiers" General Obligations Law 18-105. Copies are available at Ticket Booth.



  1. Designated staff members, including; Ski Patrollers, Mountain Hosts, Snow Sports Instructors, Safety Awareness Team Members, NYSEF employees and Whiteface Mountain Management have been charged with the responsibility of monitoring the Whiteface Mountain Reckless Skier Policy. When reckless behavior is encountered on the mountain the staff member will explain the nature of the infraction and will politely issue a "warning" to the skier, and will remove a corner of the day ticket or season pass. However, if an individual is stopped for a second violation the day ticket may be revoked for the remainder of the day, and season pass may be invalidated for one week. Passes will be secured at the MSA and may be reclaimed there.
  2. Should there be a more serious infraction of the Safety in Skiing Code, or in the case of un-cooperative behavior on the part of a skier / rider, mountain management always has the right to revoke a skiers lift privileges at any time.


  1. Reduction in the number of injury cases.
  2. Creation of a safe and more enjoyable environment for all our guests.
  3. Improvement in the image of the sport of downhill skiing and boarding.


Whiteface Mountain recognizes that winter uphill traffic has become a part of the enjoyment of the mountain. Uphill traffic users must understand that any trail they climb and descend has not been inspected for hazards by the ski patrol and natural and man-made obstacles may not be marked.

Uphill users SHALL abide by the following guidelines

  • Uphill climbing is not permitted during daytime lift operation.
  • All users must have an uphill season pass.
  • An Uphill pass can be purchased for $25.00 and is valid from opening day to close of the lift serviced ski season. Season Pass holders must also hold this pass; it is included with purchase of the lift access season pass. The uphill pass does not provide Lift Access.
  • Users are required to wear reflective clothing and a light that is visible from any direction.
  • The pass should be visible and available upon request by any mountain employee while climbing or skiing. Uphill climbing without a pass may result in being banned from the property.
  • Users should be vigilant for snow cats, winch cat cables, snowmobiles, ATVs, trucks, other skiers, riders and other exposures typical of an operating ski area.
  • If you see a winch cable on a trail you cannot cross this cable and must turn around immediately and use another route.
  • If you are asked by staff to leave the area you must comply immediately.
  • Users will ascend on predetermined routes, (These routes may change depending on conditions, check with ski patrol for updates before you ascend).
    • To Mid Station: Climber's left up Boreen.
    • To Top of Gondola: Upper Valley to Summit Express to Lower Northway to Turn 3,2,1 of Excelsior.
    • To Top of Summit Quad: Climber's left of Paron's Run/ The Follies.
  • Users shall adhere to all closures, warning signs and ropes at all times as well as all rules and regulations set forth in the skier's responsibility code and Safety In Skiing Code Rule 54 of the NYS Industrial Code Rules. 
  • Users shall not enter any buildings. No Pets are permitted at anytime. Users shall descend using skis or snowboards only. No sleds are permitted.
  • Users will be asked to start descending when Ski Patrol starts AM trail check.

Whiteface Mountain ski center has administrative use of the ski area land and the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. If you would like to participate in this activity please purchase an uphill season pass at least 24 hours prior to your first uphill adventure of the season.