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Olympic Sports Complex

Home of the Combined Bobsled, Luge & Skeleton Track

The fastest Olympic winter sports happen on this ribbon of concrete, steel and ice that zigs-zags down the face of Mt. Van Hoevenberg. It's on this track that the world's best bobsled, luge and skeleton racers slide, and it's here that you can see and feel what it's like to rocket down a mountain. The track is nearly a mile long, making 20 turns while dropping more than 400 feet and at competition speeds exerts more than five times the force of gravity on the racers. (Space shuttle astronauts, for comparison, endure just 3-Gs at launch.) It's a demanding and exhilarating course that has become a regular stop on the World Cup circuit and site of the 2012 Bobsled & Skeleton World Championships. The Olympic Sports Complex is also home to 50 km of groomed cross-country ski trails, snowshoe trails and a biathlon shooting range. Athletes in the fastest of winter sports compete near Nordic skiers pacing themselves to outlast the pack! 

Lake Placid Bobsled and Skeleton Experience

Climb into a Lake Placid bobsled and hear the roar of runners over ice as you speed down the track. Try the Lake Placid Bobsled Experience with our professional drivers and brakemen or go it alone with the Lake Placid Skeleton Experience and slide into Olympic tradition.

See a Bobsled, Luge, or Skeleton Race

Stand alongside the track with packs of cheering fans and feel the rumble of a bobsled as it banks a turn. Follow a skeleton racer sliding at Autobahn speeds and realize his chin is just three inches off the ice. Or marvel at the silent speed of a luge athlete racing by at over 90 miles per hour! Check out our Events page for more information on upcoming races.

International Sliding Sports Exhibit

Set within this world class facility the exhibit strives to educate current and future athletes about the history and development of their sports while offering the public an inspiring story that merges the past, present and future. Hike the path around the track with a historical brochure for an uderstanding of the changing nature of the sport.

Mt. Van Hoevenberg Cross Country & Biathlon Center

The Olympic Sports Complex is also home to Mt. Van Hoevenberg Cross Country & Biathlon Center, where you'll find the world-class ski trails opened for the 1980 Olympic Games. Click into a pair of skis and glide through the serene Adirondack woods at your own pace, or head to the rifle range and sharpen your aim with our Be a Biathlete program. Check out the Activities tab to learn more, and find our Trail Map here.


The combined track typically holds ice from October to May and is host to numerous training events and international competitions throughout the winter. On most days you can catch a glimpse of Bobsled, Luge or Skeleton athletes speeding through the curves at 70+ miles per hour. You can also explore the sliding center on foot with a walk through the International Sliding Sports Museum.

Explore the Nordic side of skiing at Mt. Van Hoevenberg.  We offer 50 km of trails for cross country skiing, plus snowshoeing.  You can also try your hand at shooting a real .22 cal. rifle at our biathlon range.

When the snow melts and the ice comes off the track the sleds change out their steel runners for wheels and the action moves to the 1932/1980 Olympic track. If you are not up for a ride down this historic track, hop on the bus for a tour of the facility and walk down the combined track to experience it from the athletes perspective. You can also explore the sliding center on foot with a walk through the International Sliding Sports Museum.  The OSC is also home to the Be A Biathlete program and Cross Country Mountain Biking.

Winter Bobsled Experience
Bobsled Experience
Availability: Summer & Winter
Hold on for the ride of your life as you rocket down more than a half mile of winding track at the Olympic Sports Complex!
Discover Biathlon program at Mt. Van Hoevenberg
Discover Biathlon
Availability: Summer & Winter
The phrase "I'll give it a shot" takes on a whole new meaning with our Discover Biathlon Program!
Spectators watching World Cup Luge
Olympic Sports Complex Tour
Availability: Summer & Winter
Join us on a bus tour (Summer & Fall) or self-guided tour (year-round) of the Olympic Sports Complex, learn about the historic 1932 Olympic track and the new combined track built for the 1980 Winter Olympics.
Luge at the Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex
Luge Experience
Availability: Winter
An exclusive opportunity to experience the thrill of a lifetime and try the sport of luge!
Josie's Cabin
Josie's Interactive Natural History Series
Availability: Winter
Saturdays and holiday weeks at our new woodland retreat, we celebrate the dream of Josephine Schofield. You will find naturalists, artists and leaders in our community for a series of unique natural history lessons about Mt. Van Hoevenberg and the Adirondack Region.
Skeleton ride at the Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex
Skeleton Experience
Availability: Winter
This is your childhood sled on overdrive. Thirty miles per hour never seemed as fast as when you are laying on your stomach rocketing down an icy chute!
Cross Country Mountain Biking
Availability: Summer
Explore 30km of cross-country trails offering challenging terrain for both the beginner and veteran trail riders.
Cross Country skiers on the trail at Mt. Van Hoevenberg Cross Country and Biathlon Center
Availability: Winter
Join active Nordic and alpine skiers over age 50 in winter camaraderie, great coaching, and plenty of fun!