Summer Jumping Series

How do they do it—get so good at something so difficult to practice?

Freestyle aerialists practice their flips and twists over a 750,000-gallon pool. It allows the athletes to safely fine-tune their jumps all summer long, and it makes for great entertainment. Athletes launch themselves up to 40 feet in the air before flipping three times and twisting up to five times. You'll learn how they fit all those spins and flips into a few seconds of untethered hang time—and how after all that they stick the landing and do it again.

The country's best ski jumpers are spending their summer training and competing in Lake Placid—and they'd like to share their high-flying sport with you. Come see these athletes, riding skis longer than the skiers are tall, streak down the inruns at nearly 60 mph. If you're thinking, "You couldn't pay me enough money to leap off those towers!" don't worry, we wouldn't let you. But you can watch the athletes step out onto a platform nearly 27 stories high, calmly fold themselves into an aerodynamic tuck, slide straight down the steep inrun and fly for the length of a football field. It's beautiful.

Come to the Olympic Jumping Complex during one of our Summer Jumping Series for an up-close demonstration by some of the world's best. With prizes and giveaways, it's a great way for a family to spend a summer day together. You're invited to participate in the action (by cheering, not jumping) and stick around afterward to meet the athletes and ask for autographs. Free admission with your Olympic Sites Passport!


Thanks for a great 2016 Summer Jumping Series! Stay tuned for the 2017 schedule.

Adults: $16
Junior/Senior: $10
Adult: Ages 13 – 64 | Junior: Ages 7 – 12 | Senior: Ages 65+
Watch ski jumpers fly the length of a football field, aerialists twist and turn in the air, and see the best panoramic views of the Adirondack High Peaks.