Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding at the Olympic Sports Complex

Whether visiting Lake Placid or the Adirondack Coast, The Adirondack Equine Center and Horse Rescue is a family horseback-riding adventure for all ages. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the High Peaks and the Lake Placid Olympic sites. Trail rides run through an Adirondack forest and our knowledgeable trail guide leads the way, provides assistance, and answers any questions you may have. You will appreciate the personalized attention and patience of the staff and gentleness of the horses. Prior to every trip, riders go through an orientation lesson covering all safety points and the basics of natural horsemanship. Every effort is taken to help ensure that both horse and rider are a comfortable fit.

General Information:

  • Dates: TBD
  • Closed Sunday, July 27 for Ironman
  • Phone: 518.241.3388
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Group - 60 minute ride: $TBD
Group - 90 minute ride: $TBD
Private - 60 minute ride: $TBD
All pricing is per person and includes lesson prior to mounting | Additional fees may apply when paying with a credit card